Glype Proxy Alternatives

Are you looking for a Glype proxy alternative ? Many users are looking for free alternatives to Glype web proxy script, but it is not easy to find a valid Glype alternative in terms of stability, functionality and development status. Glype is whithout doubts the best PHP proxy script on the market, considering it is whidely developed and very feature rich, but there are also alternatives, if you need them. While searching on Google we have found few valid alternatives to Glype that may be of interest for you.

Php-proxy v5.0.1

php-proxy script

One of the most valid alternatives to Glype, in our personal opinion, is php-proxy script created by Athlon1600. The proxy script is built on PHP, Symfony and cURL and the library borrows ideas from Glype, Jenssegers proxy, and Guzzle. The development is very active and the author listens to users and is always available to fix unresolved issues. The proxy script works perfectly on Youtube, Twitter, Gmail and many other sites. It supports video streaming sites and is free to use for both personal and commercial use.

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