Hide My IP Address

How to hide my IP address? You can use web proxies (such as the one offered on this website) to hide your IP address while you browse some websites. However, thee is a much better way to hide your IP address online, and I mean completely hide your IP address. With the VPN service you can hide your IP address when you openw ebsites, when you chat, when you talk via Skype, when you download files, when you use torrent clients, and when you send emails. The VPN is the right choice to hide your traces online.

Hide IP Image

The usage is very easy, you need to sign up for a VPN account, then you download and install the VPN software application, you enter your login and password, and that's all! Now all your traffic is encrypted by the VPN application and your IP address is completely hidden online. I use the VPN also on the smartphone so when I browse websites or when I send messages with WhatsUp, my IP address is always hidden and protected. What are you waiting for? Hurry up and install the VPN on your device now.

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